Summer Daze

by Summerays

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Roman Rice
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Roman Rice Living in the land of endless sunshine, this album is great to listen to at or on the way to the beach. Great surf-pop! Favorite track: Sunshine.
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released January 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Summerays Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio
Surf pop

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Track Name: Ahoy There!
Ahoy there! my dear friend
I love this place you call home
Can I really move here?
I'm stayin' on the shore line

We'll never leave here
In the sun for hours
Oh how I love you
Let's stay forever
Track Name: Girlfriend
Let's go to your school, I'm gonna kiss your girlfriend
She's gonna love me, she's gonna date me

oh I invest in the best, girl
oh I invest in the best, girl
Track Name: Sunshine
I threw my whole life in the sunshine
when I moved to the west side
I threw my whole life in the sunshine
when I met you girl

what would I ever do without you girl?
what would I ever do without your sunshine?
Track Name: Swish
You're lookin' good friend
Whatcha doin' on the weekend?
We could go for a drive, you could stay for awhile
I wanna get to know you and I really want to show you
I'm gonna swoop right in and steal you away girl

You're goin' no where!
In the evenin' you'll still be here, so have a seat and enjoy yourself in the mornin'
You're gonna love me
We'll have a happy family
You'll never try to run away again girl
Track Name: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Oh patty cake, the Baker's man
I threw your toys, in the trash can
You'll learn to never mess with me again
I trashed your goods, now I win

Out of Sight, yeah
Out of Mind, yeah

Ashes ashes they all fall down
I stole your dog, look at that frown
You'll never see your love again
I stole her straight from her playpen

Out of Sight, yeah
Out of Mind, yeah
Track Name: Lakewood
Friends around corner
Won't you please come over
Late walks and bike rides under the street lights
Now it's getting colder
The fall leaves are changin' color

Always growin' older
Another summer over
Daydreams fill the air, let's stay here forever
Now I'm getting married
Cool breezes in late september
Track Name: My Eyes Are Glued
Roses are red, my car is blue
Do you remember the things I've done to you?
Are we even? I'm on my way to pick up your girl, is that OK?

Oh, keep on smilin' x4

Roses are red, my eyes are glued
To a girl you claim is yours, is this true?
She's with me now, is that OK?
She says I'm funny, She likes my ways

Oh, keep on smilin' x4
Track Name: Surfin' for You
oh I'm surfin' for you
oh I'm surfin' for you

we're livin' in a dream it's true
i'll never walk away from you
it's breezy on this shore today
life's easy thats what i always say, girl
thats what I say girl

oh I'm surfin' for you
oh I'm surfin' for you

where are you girl, I'm not OK
I'm searching every single day
life here is lonely with out you
I want you here is that OK girl
OK girl
Track Name: Without You (ft. Andreanna Wilson)
I've spent my whole life without you
(and I've been running)
where have you been all my life girl?
(staying away from the past)
it's warm in morning under the sun light
(I'd rather be in the rain)
I'll love you til the end of time
(I gotta keep wandering)
Track Name: Summer Daze
get outside, enjoy the weather
in summer daze x2

I'll spend my summers in a daze girl
squintin' in my eyes the sunshine
lookin' for you in your bathin' suit
swimming in the ocean

we're outside in the weather
enjoying our day